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Our best-selling Detox Tea, Detox Bath, and Sea Moss Gel, and all in one Kit! It contains all the essentials tools to get you back on track to your wellness goals right from your own kitchen, on your own schedule and your own budget.

What's in the box?

  • 21-Day Reset Recipies: 21 easy-to-make, delicious body goal-oriented recipes, a daily detox guide, superfood guide, how to detox your home, and a clean beauty essentials guide.
  • 21-Days of Wildcraft Sea Moss:32 Ounces of our high-quality, organic, keto-friendly, body energizing Detox  formula  St.Lucian Sea Moss.

  • 21-Days of Detox Tea: 4 ounces of our amazing organic Ayurvedic formula  Cleanse and Refresh Detox Tea. We have sourced a list of ingredients that's reads like a what's what of detoxifying herbs, Holy Basil promotes a healthy weight, Licorice relieves digestive issues, Ginger and Burdock considered the twin powerhouses. It also incorporates antioxidant-rich Rose Petals, Elderflower, Safflower Petals, and dandelion leaves,antioxidants rich Rose Petals, Elderflower, Safflower Petals, and dandelion leaves to cleanse.

  • 21-Days of our Luxurious Detox Bath: 16 ounces to be used once a week for the duration of the cleanse as a bath soak or foot bath. Contains Ginger, Sea Moss Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Rose Petals, Calendula, and Chamomile.

  • 21 of our delicious Detox Ginger Gummies to suppress your appetite and stimulate your metabolism. 

  • Waist Beads: Sometimes our progress is measured by losing inches, not just on the scale and waist beads are a fun, sexy, and traditional way to track your results. 

In 21 days, You  Will

  • Reduce your waist
  • Boost your energy
  • Reduce bloating 
  • Clear your skin 
  • Shed Weight 
  • Gain mental clarity