Golden Glow Brightening Scrub


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The GOLDEN GLOW Brightening Scrub is a powerful blend of natural ingredients used to achieve ultimate skin rejuvenation. Exfoliate and brighten your complexion by buffing on this scrub with circular motions. Our pure and organic turmeric and kojic acid sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean, with a radiant golden glow. It gently removes  dead skin cells while nourishing, hydrating and maintaining healthy skin. This scrub can be used on face and delicate areas as well. Excellent for lips, bikini areas, elbows, inner thighs and knees. Turmeric is a naturally orange herb that will temporarily stain your nails, skin and towels. Use with caution. Use at least once a week. Best results with sunscreen on top and staying out of direct sunlight