Reiki Charged Chakra Balancing Oils


Our 4oz  Chakra healing oils are a blend of organic botanicals, Reiki charged and infused with crystals. Chakra healing is an excellent way to enhance your energy as well as help with aromatherapy. This blend is designed to work specifically for chakra healing, empowering your aura, and helping you find peace and balance. This is also wonderful in a diffuser! The sacral and magical blend of Reiki healing energy, essential oils, and flowers infused with the corresponding crystal to support and empower your chakra centers. The Chakra Healing Oils contains certified organic sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. It helps to clear the Chakras, release what no longer serves you, and gently re-balance your subtle energy bodies. Reiki symbols are imprinted on each bottle for healing intention. Each bottle has a sacred reiki healing crystal. Can be used for meditation, massage, in the bath or as a body oil, or to anoint the suitable chakra.

  • ROOT CHAKRA Located at the perineum at the base of the spine. Responsible for making us feel grounded safe and secure. Encourages the ability to stand up for self. To manifest our basic needs. Possible energy blocks are fear of truly living to our fullest potential and guilt. Affirmation "I am"
  • SACRAL CHAKRA Located 2 inches below the navel. Responsible for our creativity, sexuality, financial responsibility, and abundance. Possible blocks are Trauma. Affirmation 'I feel"
  • SOLAR PLEXUS Located  2 inches above the navel. Responsible for self-empowerment, self-esteem, and finding our life's true purpose. Possible blocks are anger and control issues. Affirmation "I can"
  • HEART CHAKRA Located at the center of the chest. Responsible for feelings of compassion to others and the connection to self and others. Possible blocks are heartache and grief. Affirmation" I love"
  • THROAT CHAKRA located at the base of the neck. Responsible for the ability to speak and receive the truth. Possible blocks suppressing talents not expressing one's true self. Affirmation "I speak"
  • THE THIRD EYE Located between the eyebrows. Responsible for insight, intuition, and seeing past the physical. Possible blocks are a lack of trust in one's judgment. Affirmation"I see"
  • CROWN CHAKRA located at the top and center of the head. Responsible for Ethics, Energy, and experiencing the divine meaning of life. Possible energy blocks are a lack of trust in life's greater plan, meaning, and lack of spiritual awareness. Affirmation "I know'